Evening Entertainment

POST-RACE CELEBRATIONS – the maddest of Aran shenanigans!

The Inis “Iron” Meáin post-race celebrations have now become a legendary affair. Forget about huffing and puffing yourself around the island, the real party starts in Teach Ósta – the island’s only quaint public establishment. Don’t let the picturesque exterior fool you, it’s what happens inside the four walls that you should take note off! This year’s live entertainment comes again from the up and coming young Connemara band “Glor Na dTonn” (Sound of the Wave), who  are rapidly becoming a smashing sensation in west Galway. Bring it on lads!


Join us for the live entertainment!

Teach Ósta, InisMeáin

VENUE: Teach Ósta, Inis Meáin

WHEN: Saturday the 10th of March 2018 @ 10.00 p.m.